Looking for that elusive hydraulic cover for your RSD Big Dog. Look No More

Tired of that Cable breaking, tired of your hands cramping from that overly hard clutch pull or do you just want your ride to look clean and wicked. Well no matter the reason DMC has the clutch actuator for your custom ride. Developed with Big Dog RSDs in mind this finely crafted piece of equipment will give you years of trouble free service. Send DMC your stock cover. DMC will mill to spec, install your new actuator and ship that elusive hydraulic cover you have been looking for back to you. Don't have a Big Dog but are in need of something custom? Give DMC a call and see what we can do for you.
This is the Actuator only. DMC is currently prototyping a master cylinder kit that will fit your existing BD controls for 04 and up. Keep your eyes open as it will be here soon.

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